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Michael wanted to become an architect as a child and came to photography through the mentorship of an older school friend who introduced him to the darkroom. After deciding to continue his studies in photography, he attended the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York. It was there he honed his technical skills in photography and lighting and continued to explore his artistic and creative vision. In addition to learning photography he also took courses in film and graphic design to further expand his creative offerings to future clients.

Michael's photographic work always focuses on the needs and desires of his customer which has led to assignments for well-known American brands such as Lane Bryant and MeUndies. It is his desire to create timeless and classic images that will serve his clientele a unique opportunity to showcase their products through memorable images. His artistic vision combined with his technical skill has continued to attract clients and he is excited for future collaborations in Germany.

Michael moved to Berlin because of his love and he is looking forward to embarking on an exciting new life and adventure in this exciting city.